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Your Activities of Daily Living Matter


It is typical to have various events and activities scheduled for different days of the week. For instance, some can reserve their weekends for laundry while others meet with friends and family to spend quality time together.

As we connect families with their preferred senior caregiver in Texas, we know that, despite our varied days, several vital activities must be performed daily to live a better life. These are essentially known as activities of daily living, or ADLs, and they make a deep impact on your life.

  • Meeting Your Needs
    Activities of daily living target some type of need. For instance, light housekeeping keeps your house clean, preserving your mental health, and your hygiene routine eliminates pathogens to boost your physical health. Consistently performing your ADLs ensures your needs are well met.
  • Proper Day Structure
    Performing your ADLs also gives structure to your day. This helps you do more with your waking hours. Working with personal assistance services can even make these activities easier, boosting overall productivity.
  • Supplementing Your Daily Routine
    We all need a daily routine as it makes our day predictable. We experience lower levels of stress and anxiety when our ideas are clear on how our day will go. Performing your ADLs can supplement your overall daily routine.

Here at Compassionate Hearts Home Health Care LLC, we can help you stay consistent with your activities of daily living. We offer home care in Arlington, Texas, to help you achieve a better life at home. Learn more about our care services today!

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