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Preventing Malnutrition Among Seniors


Harvard Medical School defines malnutrition as the lack of proper nutrients for someone to function. It can be a combination of different factors, including an imbalance of protein, calories, vitamins, and minerals. So, how can you prevent your senior loved ones from developing malnutrition? A senior caregiver in Texas can help in preparing these healthy meals below.

  • Consider easily-prepared, nutrient-dense, high-protein foods like peanut butter, eggs, and yogurt.
  • Add extra toppings like jam on toast or butter and brown sugar on sweet potato.
  • Have high-calorie protein snacks such as cheese and crackers with milk.
  • Set the table with lovely ornaments to stimulate the senses and appetite.
  • Set up FaceTime or Zoom to eat with extended family.

Make sure to look out for symptoms of malnutrition in your senior loved one and other potential illnesses. Whether they need personal assistance services or assistance with meal preparation, it is essential to address their needs as soon as possible.

Common signs you need to seek help besides not eating well, pay attention to your loved one’s hygiene tasks like bathing. Do they neglect it, as well? It is essential to seek the assistance of a caregiver to support them at home.

Compassionate Hearts Home Health Care LLC is a home care in Arlington, Texas. We can help your loved ones with exercising, toileting, positioning, assisting with self-admin medications, assisting with routine hair and skin care, transferring or ambulation, and more. We offer personalized care services to give your loved ones an improved overall quality of life. Call us at 682-272-8732 today.

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