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Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy as a Senior


As a provider of personal assistance services, we always make sure that our senior clients are taking care of their overall health, including their heart health. Allow us to share with you some of our tips to keep the heart healthy.

  • Eat heart-healthy foods.
    Increase your consumption of vegetables, fruits, and fiber-rich foods. Try to eat fewer foods that are full of salt, saturated fats, and added sugar. To help you construct meal plans, you may consult a nutritionist or a doctor.
  • Avoid smoking.
    One of the main reasons for avoidable mortality is smoking. It causes heart disease and destroys the arterial walls. Despite your age, it’s never too late to stop smoking. It lowers your risk of stroke, heart disease, and cancer.
  • Be active physically.
    Exercise is always recommended, so talk to your doctor about the activities that are right for you. Aim to work out for 150 minutes or more per week. You can begin with leisurely activities like bicycling, bowling, or walking.

You may consider home supervision home care services to help you accomplish all these lifestyle tips. With the help of a care provider, they can make sure you are eating right, exercising, and staying off tobacco and alcohol.

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